2023 Okinawa PraisePro Review

Okinawa updated its PraisePro electric scooter recently. We spent some time with the scooter to sample the changes and see how the updates make the scooter better.

By Kingshuk Dutta


5 mins read


10-Aug-23 02:26 PM IST



  • Okinawa PraisePro EV gets updated for 2023
  • It gets new features and better ergonomics
  • Tech on the scooter gets an update as well

Just a few months ago, Okinawa updated its Praise range of electric scooters, which included the PraisePro and the iPraise+. Now, the updates aren’t exhaustive, but there is definitely some value addition that’s happened on the scooters. And what are those? You will find out in the due course of this review. We recently rode the updated Okinawa PraisePro, so let us quickly run you through the changes that the EV gets. 


2023 Okinawa PraisePro: Updates

In terms of design, no major changes, but in terms of ergonomics, Okinawa says that it has listened to the feedback from its customers and of course, journalists as well. 

Footboard on the scooter moves down by 40 mm, offering more space for knees of the riders


So, the footboard, it has been moved down by 40 mm. This means there is more room for your knees when you sit. So earlier, the distance between the handlebar and the knees was very less. This time, it is much more comfortable.


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The display on the scooter is all new but doesn't get connectivity features


The other update to the scooter is the new digital colour display. It offers more information than before such as a bar for the temperature, a display for the riding mode chosen and so on.  


2023 Okinawa PraisePro: Performance

There are three riding modes on offer – eco, sports and turbo. Yes, an electric scooter has a turbo mode, which is of course the fastest mode and the overall range should be across 60-70 kilometres across all three modes but the claimed maximum range on a full battery is about 81 kilometres and the top-speed of the scooter is about 56-57 kmph. 

The turbo mode on the scooter is active only for 10 seconds, but gives the desired boost for overtakes


Now, the turbo mode is active only for 10 seconds after you press the button and to get the maximum out of the scooter, you best combine it with the Sports mode. But that also means that the battery drains out faster. The scooter continues to get a 2.08 kWh lithium-ion battery which is detachable and now conforms to the updated AIS 156 regulations.


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The battery on the scooter is detachable and can be charged at the convenience of your home. It is heavy though


The electric componentry also now features CAN or Controller Area Network technology. In simpler words, the battery now gets six sensors instead of the earlier two. This in turn means that thermal management becomes better, and the battery runs more efficiently leading to a slight increase in the lifecycle. The cycle parts on the scooter stay the same as before, which are 12-inch wheels and disc brakes at both ends along with telescopic fork up front and twin shock absorbers at the rear.   

Okinawa PraisePro works well as a city scooter, meant to ridden at low speeds


If you talk about the performance of the scooter, then the power on offer, the power on tap is enough for city riding, as long as you are riding within city confines. But if you do take it out on longer trips, then you have to be content with the fact that this may not offer the kind of performance that a petrol-powered scooter offers. 

The ride quality on the scooter continues to be stiff and jarring


Okinawa could have tweaked the suspension to offer a more pliant ride. Like earlier, the ride quality on the PraisePro is stiff and jarring, which isn’t comfortable on less than perfect roads that India has to offer. Plus, the power delivery is inconsistent, and it is difficult to balance the throttle and braking inputs. The skinny tyres coupled with the sharp bite from brakes means that there are high chances of locking the wheels up! Oh! And if you come across the term E-ABS, it actually stands for electronically assisted braking system and not actual ABS. It is just a fancier way of saying combined braking system.


2023 Okinawa PraisePro: Features

Full LED lighting is a standard feature on the Okinawa PraisePro


In terms of features, the Okinawa PraisePro gets regenerative braking, a charging port for mobile phones and full LED lighting. With the new instrument console, the company could have offered mobile or Bluetooth connectivity, which is almost a norm nowadays on electric scooters. 

The Okinawa PraisePro has an ex-showroom price of just less than Rs. 1 lakh


2023 Okinawa PraisePro: Pricing & Rivals

The 2023 Okinawa PraisePro is priced at Rs. 99,645 (ex-showroom, Delhi). There are any number of rivals for the PraisePro at that price point or close to it. Few that come to the mind are Ola S1 Air, Ampere Magnus EX, Hero Optima, Benling Aura and so on.  


2023 Okinawa PraisePro: Verdict 

There are definite improvements on the scooter, fit & finish being one of them


So, the improvements on the scooter are there for you to see. The quality and the fit and finish levels have definitely gone up. The new colour options, look really, really good. As an overall package, if you are looking to buy an electric scooter for city commutes, for short commutes, then this works really well. But it does have a few chinks it its armour. And its alright! And the fact that there are other competitors in the same price bracket, that also can’t be denied, so you have to choose very carefully, as to which scooter you are buying and why!

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